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Our Leadership

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Our Leadership

In addition to their clinical and professional roles, Our Leadership team at The London Family Court Clinic oversees the strategic elements of our work including building relationships with stakeholders, business development initiatives, managing financial resources and delivering on the priorities set by the Board of Directors.

Like everyone who works here, the members of our leadership team  are professional, approachable, and exemplify LFCC’s principles.

  • Dr. Daniel T.  Ashbourne, C.Psych
    Dr. Daniel T. Ashbourne, C.PsychExecutive Director

    Dr. Ashbourne is a registered clinical psychologist and the Executive Director of the the London Family Court Clinic.

    • Dr. Kimberly Harris, C.Psych
      Dr. Kimberly Harris, C.PsychAssistant Executive Director, Director of Assessments, Fee for Service, and Ministry Programs

      Dr. Harris is a registered clinical and forensic psychologist and the Assistant Executive Director of the London Family Court Clinic.

      • Dr. Joyce Radford, C.Psych
        Dr. Joyce Radford, C.PsychDirector of Clinical Intervention Services

        Dr. Radford is a registered clinical psychologist and the Director of Clinical Intervention Services, Youth Therapeutic Court, and the Multidisciplinary Clinical Supports Program at the London Family Court Clinic.

        • Elizabeth Lam
          Elizabeth LamDirector of Operations

          Elizabeth is Director of Operations, and the Office Manager at the London Family Court Clinic.

          “I have learned that success is to be measured not so much by the position that one has reached in life as by the obstacles which he has had to overcome while trying to succeed.”

          Booker T. Washington

          We are driven by a vision

          Caring Communities…..Resilient Children & Families…..Beyond the Justice System

          No one organization can solve all the challenges of children and families. The broader solution rests in developing caring communities that work together to support and inspire one another in their life’s journey. Caring communities are inclusive, safe, engaged and want the best for each of their members.

          The work of LFCC focuses on helping children and families to be resilient in overcoming their challenges, to gain strength to move towards a brighter future. Resilience allows all people to achieve, to overcome barriers, to “bounce back”, and to be the best that they can be.

          LFCC works to help children and families connected to the justice system move through their experience to realize a better outcome once beyond that system. LFCC also helps children and families at risk of being connected to the justice system.

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