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Clinical Consultation Services

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In a variety of criminal and civil cases in Canada and the United States, consultation by Clinic staff is available to defendants, complainants, the prosecution, or the court directly. Types of cases in which we have provided assistance include:

  • criminal trials,
  • youth criminal court trials,
  • custody and access disputes ,
  • child protection proceedings,
  • and civil litigation for childhood abuse and/or third-party liability.

Areas of expertise include:

  • short- and long-term impact of childhood abuse and partner violence,
  • institutional abuse,
  • delayed disclosure of abuse,
  • developmental ability of children to testify,
  • parenting capacity,
  • mental disorder and criminal responsibility,
  • need for testimonial aids and hearsay testimony in cases involving child victims,
  • and battered women’s syndrome.

Services available include:

  • psychological assessment,
  • developmental or cognitive assessment,
  • capacity assessment for children or developmentally delayed adults,
  • literature reviews,
  • consultation,
  • expert testimony.

Most services are provided on a fee-for-service basis, however the Ministry of the Attorney General funds the Child Witness Project for expert consultation in cases in Middlesex County involving child witnesses.

The Clinic also provides clinical consultation services in the area of organizational conflict resolution.